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The “new face” of optical technology

2022 is a turning point for the beauty device industry, especially photonic beauty device products are growing rapidly.
As a strong technology-driven field, technology is undoubtedly the foundation for the rise of the category.

Optical technology was first used in the medical field to accelerate wound healing in the 1960s, and then gradually migrated to the public beauty care and health scene, and used home beauty instruments as product carriers for commercial testing.

However, for a long time in the past, the technology of the photonic beauty instrument category was not mature enough, and the market awareness has not yet formed. Compared with the radio frequency beauty instrument, the optical instrument with slower effect has always been limited in scale.

In the past two years, optical technology has made new development breakthroughs, and the gradual replacement of traditional LED bulbs by chips has provided effective support for innovative product forms, and the optical beauty care market has also exploded.

The continuous self-evolution of product technology is the foundation for the beauty instrument brand to consolidate its reputation all the way. However, the underlying factors for the high growth of the track still depend on the fit between products and the core needs of consumers.

Judging from the specific needs of consumers, “anti-aging” and “skin stability” have become popular keywords in the field of beauty care and health today.

It is not difficult to deduce that the effect strength is better than that of skin care products, and the overall safety is higher than that of medical beauty and even radio frequency devices. Because of the characteristics of anti-aging and skin stability, it has a solid market foundation, and therefore It has become the focus of technological breakthroughs for many beauty care brands, and has ushered in a wave of growth under the joint action of supply and demand.


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