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Precautions for operation of skin management equipment

1. Strictly implement the pre-operation diagnosis of the instrument

Before the operation of the instrument, the skin manager should use the skin tester to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis and analysis of the customer’s skin, formulate a suitable skin management plan, and control the role played by the beauty instrument in the entire skin management plan, as well as the various skin treatments in the later stage. Manage repairs and handling of incidents.

2. Strictly control the operating range of the instrument

Skin managers should be familiar with the use of various beauty instruments, as well as the range of use of various instruments, the site of use, the number of times of use each time, the intensity of use, the duration of use, and so on.

3. Strictly standardize instrument operation

(1) Aseptic operation: Before operating the instrument, the dermatologist should wear neat operation clothes and headgear, disposable masks, gloves, and clean and sterilize the instrument before use.

(2) Professional etiquette: The skin manager has professional skin management technology, serves customers wholeheartedly, and promptly consults the customer if there is any discomfort and understands the customer’s situation in a timely manner.

4. Pay attention to customer reactions

During the operation of the instrument, the skin manager should remember to ask the customer whether there is any discomfort or pay attention to observe whether the customer has any adverse reactions, and then stop the operation of the instrument or reduce the frequency of instrument operation.

5. Pay attention to the abnormality of the instrument

Before operating the instrument, you must insist on whether the instrument can be used safely; during the operation of the instrument, you must ensure the normal operation of the instrument. If the instrument suddenly fails, the instrument makes strange sounds, and the instrument does not work well, you should stop operating it. The operation test of the instrument should be carried out every day to ensure that the instrument can be used normally.

6. Watch out for symptomatic reflux

Skin managers should calmly deal with all kinds of common problems. If the treatment effect is not good, within the operating range of the instrument, it will be operated again in batches, batches, and energy to ensure that the expected treatment effect is achieved.

Instrument maintenance

1. The instrument should not be placed in moisture or direct sunlight to prevent accidental damage.

2. The surface of the instrument should be kept clean. It is best to cover it with a cloth when not in use to prevent dust. For instrument accessories such as: probes, patches, shovel heads, electrode packages, etc., one person must clean them once. When cleaning, wipe them with a dry rag or a wrung wet rag, and do not wash them with water.

3. The matching skin care products must be used in accordance with the requirements of the instrument manual, for example: probes, patches, shovel heads, etc. must not be in contact with oily or corrosive cosmetics. (Remember: LEIM high frequency must be used with high frequency cream, other skin care products are not allowed)

4. It is strictly forbidden to pull and twist all wire accessories to prevent the power wire from breaking, and all instruments are not allowed to enter water.


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