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Portable 6 in 1 Hydro Water Oxygen Jet Hydro Peeling Microdermabrasion H2O2 Dermabrasion Skin Care Beauty Machine


Improves blood circulation,
Promotes collagen production,removes dead skin,blackheadsand wrinkles.
Shrinks pores,fades dark circlesaround eyes,eliminates rednessand eye bags.
Whitening,firming,lifting andskin tightening.

Oxygeninjection gun: infuses nutritionaiessenceinto the basal layer of the skinreplenishes needed nutrients
Electroporation technology: enhancesthe permeability of skin tissues.allowincmolecules that previously could not beabsorbed by cells to enter them.
Cooling: effectively reduces thecontinuous rupture of capillaries, constricts local blood vessels and Inhibitsinelammation shrinking pores
Radiofrequency: throughthe thermalstimulation effect to make the and improve the sagging skinaging state
(plasma ions)it uses ions generated byanion generator that penetrate thebacterial cell membrane,ruptureitand rapidlyinactivateit
Ionic bubble pen: remove dead skin keratin:oil.remove blackheadswhiteheadsgood effect on folliculitis

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